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Intelligence Business Networks (IBN) combines the experiential and learned knowledge of a group of dedicated and synergistic professionals. They have a pooled experience of 20 years in varied streams of professional and marketing work. Their passion is to impart a blend of experiential and theoretical knowledge to clients. They are adept at catalysing the organisational evolution of their clients. Up-to-date knowledge of marketing trends is filtered through their prism of mastered theory. The result: nuggets of corporate and marketing gold that drive businesses.

Headquartered in busy and thriving Kuala Lumpur, IBN's network fans out to the trading and commercial metropolises of Singapore, Mumbai, and those in China, Thailand, Philippines, Brunei and Middle East. Our antennae is primed to feed into world class seminars, conferences, workshops and summits that deal with a spectrum of industry needs and concerns. .

IBN's list of affiliations to universities, consultancies, professional consortiums, and associations attest our ability to be wired into major centres of marketing intelligence gathering and assessment. This gives us leverage in access to pioneering methods and approaches in marketing and technology.

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